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🖼 How To Frame Your Embroidery Professionally – Easy Steps For A First Timer! 🖼


You guys asked and I listened! This is my beginners framing tutorial! 

Hey fellow embroidery hobbyists with stacks of gorgeous embroidery pieces sitting in drawers 😅 (we know who we are)!

In comparison to the effort that goes into making them, it’s so quick and easy to frame up our embroideries so we can finally hang them, stylishly display them, give them as gifts or of course sell them at a premium for being framed.

I’ve recently embarked on a quest to learn everything there is to know about framing my embroidery pieces because I’m tired of them sitting in drawers and taking up all my good hoops.

But there’s so much more to share beyond this quick video.

So if there’s interest I want to make a whole course!!! And take you guys along on my journey, sharing photos, tips and frame inspo.

And really, what’s the point putting in all that effort if we don’t get to enjoy what we’ve made?

So enter your email below if you want to see me put beautiful, eye-catching frames around all of my embroidery pieces and teach you to do the same alongside me!


Mini Hoop Tutorial + Pin Badge Tutorial (+ A Free Mini-Embroidery Pattern)

You may have noticed that wearable embroidery is kinda my jam, I get so many compliments on my unique stitchy jewellery.

Want to wear your embroidery too?

Awesome! I’ve made you some guides as part of your welcome pack when you sign up fo’ inbox inspo (emails from me)

So enter your email above to receive 3 Step-by-step, Photo illustrated, Easy to follow guides/patterns –

  • Learn how to mount your embroidery properly in those tiny decorative hoops everyones mad about.
  • Learn how to easily turn your embroideries into professional looking, wearable brooches!
  • Plus I have a nifty little extra something for you 😉